NCAA D3 Men’s Tournament Preview

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Toughest Region: That upper right bracket features our #1 team Whitman along with two others in the top 8.  We have Whitman emerging from it with the toughest match-up likely being a Sweet 16 game against St. John’s(MN).  On the bottom half of that bracket, we’ve got some upset potential if Wash U. faces either Maryville or Nebraska Wesleyan in the second round.

Best Potential Match-ups: The StatGeek Index spit out an even 50/50 result if Hamilton and Cabrini face each other in the Sweet 16.  We went to the decimal points to advance the Continentals to the next round.

Cinderella Story: We have Nichols upsetting Plattsburgh State in round one then getting a series of favorable match-ups all the way to the Final Four.

Final Four: Speaking of that Final Four, give us the aforementioned Nichols Bison, along with Whitman, MIT and John Carroll (although we won’t be surprised if it’s Wittenberg instead of Carroll).

Championship: They only lost one game all season and that was at the buzzer, our system doesn’t see the Whitman Blues losing again, winning it all over John Carroll.

Last year our system was nearly 55% accurate while in its testing phase.  We’ll be entering the D3 Hoops challenge to see how we do against everyone else in the country and we’ll report back with results after it’s all said and done.  Should be a fun few weeks.  In the meantime, get all the stats on all the teams at