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Basketball Stats 101

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Whether you’re a basketball fan, a player or a coach, you know how important basketballs stats are becoming in understanding the game.

This e-course is designed to help you win more games by having mastering basketball statistics and learning how it all relates to the game.  We go through each statistic, explain how it’s calculated and give you an example from the NBA or NCAA to make it a little more relatable.

I’ve won a national championship as an assistant coach with Trinity (TX) and then spent over a decade helping coaches at all levels of basketball get better data and then understand how that data connects to basketball strategy.

Those teams have won conference titles and even a national championship!  Several more have made surprising (at least to outsiders) playoff runs and win more games than they thought possible.

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Scoring Possession – We developed this one exclusively to figure out the expected point value of every possession! – $99 value

Correlation Template – Another StatGeek exclusive!  This is the heart of the Scouting Reports that we write simply based on stats.  Can you write a scouting report without watching any game tape!  This course and this spreadsheet will help you do it – $199 value

Advanced Stats Calculator – Get the advanced stats for a game or any point in the season for you or your opponents in seconds!  – $199 value

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Lesson List:

  • Introduction
  • Effective Field Goal Percentage
  • True Shooting Percentage
  • Rebounding Percentage
  • Assist Percentage
  • Turnover Percentage
  • Steal Percentage
  • Block Percentage
  • Usage Percentage
  • Offensive Rating
  • Point Per Shot
  • Possessions
  • Pace of Play
  • Free Throw Rate
  • Points Distribution
  • What About Averages?
  • Why We Love the Three?
  • Value of a Rebound
  • Last Season’s Stats
  • Non-Conference Stats
  • Correlation
  • Creating a Scouting Report
  • Conclusion