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StatGeek is a sports analytics company started by a former college and high school basketball coach who also has a degree in mathematics. Our current focus is on basketball but we plan on expanding to all sports in the near future.

StatGeek’s flagship product is our Ipad App that helps basketball teams keep more accurate stats using a simple interface where the user simply follows the ball. So, you no longer need an expert statistician to keep stats. Anyone can learn to use our app and capture more and more accurate statistics than ever before.

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Slaying Goliath

Every conference has that one powerhouse team. Sometimes they are at the top for just one or two seasons and sometimes they are at the top for years and years (see Huskies, UConn). When you run across a powerhouse in a non-conference game, you run your stuff and just see how it goes. When you […]

Same Old Sh*t

When I was an assistant at Colby College (ME), every year we would play Bates College twice. Jim Murphy was the head coach at the time and by my second year there, he would tell me at the end of our pre-game conversation, ‘Don’t worry Matt, we’re runnin’ the same ol’ sh*t’. And he wasn’t […]

Be Thankful for Rebounds

When it comes to rebounds, the more you get, the better, right? You never look down at the stat sheet and get upset over JUST 10 rebounds. And when your big walks off the court with only 3 rebounds at the end of the game, that sucks. So what’s the point of a stat called […]

Harden and Lebron’s Big Nights

Sunday night, James Harden had a monster game: 56 points, 13 assists. He was 19-25 from the field (7-8 on three’s, 11-12 from the foul line). There’s really no need for anyone to further prove how awesome a game this is but it does provide a good test case for effective field goal percentage. Quick […]