$2/hour and a National Championship

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$1500.  That’s how much I made the year I was part of a national championship team at Trinity (TX).  I had a full-time job and would come to practice after work then spend the evenings recruiting and watching film.

I used all my vacation days that season to go on all the road trips.  I scouted each of our 33 opponents.  I started by looking at stats because I could do that at my office while I was supposed to be working – there was no game film online in 2003. And as we went through the post season, after you called everyone possible to send you a tape on your next opponent, FedEx wouldn’t come until the next day.  All I had was stats to study.

On the season, I bet I earned about $2/hour.  And a pretty nice ring.

I’ve talked to many of you so far this year and in years past and it seems like you’ve got data whether it’s from us, Synergy, Krossover or any number of services out there.  But the next step is translating all the data into something you can use to make your team better and win games.  That’s what we do with our scouting reports.  We look at the data and give you things you can actually put into action.

Check out the sample here. Or let me write a scouting report on your team based on last year’s stats to see how close I get.  Prices start at $40 for just one and we package your conference games into a lower per game price.