What is the StatGeek Index?

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We get lots of questions from coaches and since we launched StatGeekAnalytics, one of the common ones has been: what’s the StatGeek Index?

The answer is it’s the result of a long-term study of NCAA stats at each level of basketball.  About seven years of data to be exact.  We got to that number because that’s what was readily available for each level of basketball and we thought keeping that even would give us the best results.

Based on our study, we created a ‘winning’ formula for each level with different weights for different stats depending on what was better correlated with winning at each level.  The stats we studied were the advanced stats I often talk about like effective field goal percentage, rebounding percentage and efficiency.  We looked at each team and their opponents so a better defensive team would be rewarded.

Each day we collect the new stats, factor them into our different formulas and recalculate the team rankings based on the StatGeek Index.  While our rankings may not align with some of the polls out there, we think they’re comparable and they’re undoubtedly objective.

We’ve gotten some great suggestions for future upgrades to the site including a focus on conference only stats and adding in factors like home and away records.  Please let us know if you have any other suggestions because we want this to be another useful tool for coaches especially at levels where advanced statistical studies haven’t been done up to this point.  Send your suggestions to sid@statgeek.com.