Introducing StatGeek Analytics!

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We’re proud to announce the launch of a new website,  As of today, it has current season basic and advanced stats on every NCAA basketball team, both men and women.  Soon, we’ll be adding NAIA teams as well as historic data on everyone.

There’s lots of data out there but it is primarily focused on the NBA as well as NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball.  I watch a ton of both but as a former D3 Women’s Basketball coach, I know there are a lot of loyal fans out there who have nothing to turn to and there are a lot of coaches out there who have no idea how their team compares to others out there.  That’s the odd thing about non-D1 levels of basketball, you mostly play regional games and have no idea about teams from other parts of the country until you play them in postseason tournaments.  The hope is that the site can become a great resource for fans of basketball no matter what school they love but we are also using the data to do some research into predictors at each level.  So, check it out today and keep coming back to see what we’ve discovered.

Special thanks to a great group of SMU students who helped put this together for us: Quincy Schurr, Christian Greene and Nate O’Toole.  Here’s hoping the Mustangs make a deep run in the tourney this year!