Beware of Average(s)!

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This is not a motivational speech about doing your best.  It is a legitimate warning about looking at averages when it comes to statistics.  

Baylor Women’s Basketball is really good.  They’ve lost just once all season and last week beat then #1 UConn by 16 AT UCONN, which is rare to say the least. 

They currently have five players averaging double figures including Juicy Landrum at 10.4 points per game.  Landrum probably sounds familiar because on December 18th against Arkansas St she went 14-14 on 3-pointers to account for all 42 of her points.   

Landrum has played in all 14 of Baylor’s games and scored 145 total points for the 10.4 average.  But if you take out her monster game against Arkansas St., she’s scored 103 points in 13 games for an average of 7.9 points per game. 

Further, she’s 29/62 on three-pointers for the season but take out the 14 for 14 performance and she’s 15 for 48 – just 31%.   

Landrum is clearly of capable of big things as she showed in December but average of 10.4 ppg almost 47% three-point shooting don’t tell the whole story and I would expect teams to take their chances leaving her open as the season goes on.