Advancing (All Levels of) Basketball

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Recently we made some changes to our website. We added a LOT of stats. Now you’re probably thinking, you’re called StatGeek, I would expect a lot of stats. But really up until this summer, we’ve focused on creating tools to make coaches’ lives easier. But earlier this year, women’s basketball legend Sue Bird wrote about the lack of advanced statistics in her sport (

As a result, the WNBA started posting advanced stats using the same technology employed by the NBA. But outside of the great work at looking at NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball, no other level of college basketball has a source for advanced stats. It’s one of the services we offer to coaches and now we want to make it available to fans.

In the Stats section of the website, you’ll find advanced team stats for every level of college basketball EXCEPT NCAA Division I Men. We’re going to be adding quite a bit to this in the coming months and are working on providing these stats weekly throughout the season. Hopefully in the process, we can create some predictive analytics similar to what KenPom has done, for all levels of basketball.

We would love to hear what you think ( and please keep checking back to learn about your favorite team, no matter where that team plays.