The Most Recent Champ – Thomas More

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Last summer, we took a deep dive into characteristics shared by the last ten champions at each level of basketball. Today we start our look into the most recent champion to see how they stacked up.

Thomas More is still good at offense

This was the highest scoring team since the last two Thomas More championships in 2015 and 2016. They now own the highest three totals of the last 11 championship teams.

All New High Point in Shooting Percentages

Thanks to a three-point shooting percentage of 37%, Thomas More put up an effective field goal percentage of over 57% and a true shooting percentage of over 60%. Both marks were the highest we’ve seen over the last decade.

Points per Possession

Thomas More’s points per possession was 1.197, the highest among the champs since their last title in 2016 (1.218) and the second highest over the last eleven champions. Interestingly enough, their opponents points per possession of 0.789 was the highest since Illinois Wesleyan allowed 0.843 points per possession in 2012. Their differential of 0.408 per possession was actually only fifth best over the last decade plus. Thomas More’s back to back championship teams were above that mark as were DePauw’s 2013 title (0.411) and Amherst’s 2017 championship (0.439).

Another Unbeaten Champion

The 2012 Illinois Wesleyan team was the last Division III Women’s Champion to lose more than two games. Thomas More’s 33-0 run to the title represents the SEVENTH year in a row that the NCAA Division III champion was unbeaten. So, next season in that pick ’em contest, go ahead and take an unbeaten to go all the way.