Our ‘Why’

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I recently read a great book by Simon Sinek called ‘Start Withy Why’. The core message was around motivating your team by having everyone understand WHY you do what you do, whether it’s a basketball team, in business or even a family.

I witnessed this firsthand when I was coaching high school basketball, the girls responded so much more when they knew WHY we were doing a drill versus when we just did a drill completely out of context.

You can check out a great TED talk on this by clicking here.

It’s definitely worth your time and so is the book.  And this time of the year may be the only time you have to read before the conference season begins.  All that being said, I wanted to leave you with our ‘why’:

StatGeek exists to maximize people’s ability in sports.  We use analytics and the cloud to connect coaches, fans and players with each other and with game data.  We create software to show insights, teach analytics and share sports data in real-time.

(If that looks familiar, it’s because it’s front and center on our home page, that’s how important it is to us.)