With our Assistant Coach Package, we work with you to determine what your team needs and what reports make the most sense as well as WHEN you need those reports.

Throughout the season, you receive the reports you want and when you wanted them along with analysis from our experts so you’re not only learning more about your team but you’re learning more about analytics.

Any additional reports you may need, particularly as you’re going into the postseason, are included in the package and it’s all for one simple price, $899.

We call it the Assistant Coach Package because it’s like having another coach on your staff and it frees up so much time from your other assistant coaches.

Contact us today at 214-702-3678 or email Sid@StatGeek.com with your questions or to sign up! We will stop taking orders for this package on November 1st in order to allow for enough time to get everything prepared for the start of the season.