Single-Game Stats – $10

Get Advanced Stats (Effective FG%, True Shooting Percentage, Rebounding Percentages and more!) and Lineup Stats for a single game (Note: we’ll email you to get specifics about which game you would like after you order)


Lineup is now just one product!  Including everything previously only included in Lineup Plus!  And we do the work for you!

Reports after each game plus cumulative reports throughout the conference season.  Just $299!

Click the video for more info or check out our Lineup page.

Lineup + Five Scouting Reports

Get all the benefits of Lineup plus choose five games to get scouting reports on throughout the season.  Scouting Reports are normally $50 each, but with this deal, it’s just $40 each!


Scouting Reports

Scouting Reports for up to 20 games for $699!  A 30% savings!  This covers all of your conference season and, in most cases, a couple of non-conference games.  Post season games are included for FREE!



Click here– to check out the spreadsheets we offer to help you calculate your own advanced stats.