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Welcome to StatGeek!  StatGeek exists to maximize people’s ability in sports.  We use analytics and the cloud to connect coaches, fans and players with each other and with game data.  We create software to show insights, teach analytics and share sports data in real-time.

Go to the Ipad App Store today to download our flagship basketball stats app.  The easiest way to keep stats, play by play and shot charts for BOTH teams – all from one simple interface you can learn in minutes.  And the best part is, it’s FREE!!  Learn everything about our app on our How To page.

StatGeek Helps Coaches

With StatGeek, coaches at every level of competition will have access to live, up-­to-­the­‐second information in order to make better in-­game adjustments. Coaches who track stats by watching film will capture more statistics than ever before in less than one‐third the time. StatGeek allows you to spend more time doing what you want: coach.
StatGeek Helps Promote Players

After easily collecting more accurate statistics, StatGeek allows coaches to export stats directly to newspapers and websites. StatGeek also makes recruiting easier for college and AAU coaches by allowing them to keep up with targeted prospects.

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