How To Use Ultimate Basketball Stats for Ipad

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This is a guide to using our Ultimate Basketball Stats, currently available on the Ipad. You can keep stats for both teams at the same time, along with a play by play and shot chart, all from the same input.  See below for how it all works. 

If you still have questions after this, please reach out to the creator of StatGeek, Matt Sidhom at

Adding a Team
Starting a Game
Scoring a Game
The Pause Menu
Recording an Assist
Recording a Rebound
Recording a Steal/Turnover
Recording a Block
Recording a Foul
Recording a Jump Ball
Making Substitutions
Distributing a Box Score
Viewing the Play by Play
The Shot Chart

This is the first screen you’ll see when opening up the app. Always look right above the basket for instructions as to what to do next.

Opening Screen

Adding a Team                                                                                                      back to top

Click on the plus sign to add a new team or simply select one of the teams you have previously set up. For practice, many users will set up their own roster twice with opposing colors to score scrimmages.

Select Teams

Starting a Game                                                                                                     back to top

Game Setup

Scoring a Game                                                                                                    back to top

The player with the ball will always be highlighted until you touch another player per the game action.

The Pause Menu                                                                                                       back to top

Tap the time to start and stop as well as to bring up the Pause Menu.
Pause Menu

Recording an Assist                                                                                                      back to top

On every made shot, the app asks if an assist should be credited. The app remembers who passed the ball to the shooter.


Recording a Rebound                                                                                                   back to top

If a missed shot is next touched by a defensive player, the app recognizes this as a defensive rebound. If a teammate of the shooter is the next player to touch the ball after a shot, the app recognizes this as an offensive rebound.
Offensive ReboundDefensive Rebound

Recording a Steal/Turnover                                                                                       back to top

When the ball goes from a player on one team to a player on the other team, the app recognizes a steal for the defensive player and a turnover for the offensive player.

Recording a Block                                                                                                         back to top

To record a block, press ‘block’ then you will be prompted to indicate who blocked the shot, then simply press who has the ball following the block to credit the rebound.
Block Shot

Recording a Foul                                                                                                         back to top

Click on ‘Foul’ for whichever team the foul is called on; you will be prompted to indicate who fouled and who was fouled. This will also activate the free throw functionality on the pause menu, if there are free throws to be scored.

Recording a Jump Ball                                                                                                 back to top

For a jump ball, the offense either keeps the ball or it’s a turnover. So, for a jump ball, pause the clock because the whistle blows then choose one of these options.
Jump Ball

Making Substitutions                                                                                                 back to top

Click on a player’s name to sub them in or out of the game. Be sure to hit ‘Save’ before returning to action.

Distributing the Box Score                                                                                        back to top

You end up recording a full box score for BOTH teams. You can send the box score via email or to MaxPreps, Facebook or Twitter.
Box Score

Viewing the Play by Play                                                                                           back to top

Click on ‘Plays’ to view the Game Play by Play.
Play by Play

The Shot Chart                                                                                                           back to top

In the lower left hand corner, you can narrow which shots you can see by team or individuals. In the center, you can use the time slider to see how shooting progressed throughout the game. In the lower right hand corner, you can isolate by period or half.
Shot Chart