Using Basketball Stats to Win More Games

10 students

Analytics are everywhere.

Whether you’re using our Ipad app, some other service or just a big basketball fan, you see all sorts of numbers out there.  And if you know what they mean, they could really help you better understand and enjoy the game.  But more importantly, if you’re a coach, it can help you  WIN MORE GAMES!

For the first time ever, there’s a course to help you better understand basketball statistics.  We go through each one (see the list below), explain how it’s calculated and give you an example from the NBA to make it a little more relatable.

In addition, we include multiple spreadsheets so you can do your own calculations and we talk about some of the work we do at StatGeek when we bridge the gap between numbers and real basketball strategy.

Normally between the consulting knowledge and tools that are a part of the course, the value is well over $300 and our normal price is $99, but right now you can get it for just $29!  And we’re so confident you’re going to learn something new from our course, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

Check out our Introduction or our video on Effective Field Goal Percentage!  Then Sign Up Today!

Lesson List:

  • Introduction
  • Effective Field Goal Percentage
  • True Shooting Percentage
  • Rebounding Percentage
  • Assist Percentage
  • Turnover Percentage
  • Steal Percentage
  • Block Percentage
  • Usage Percentage
  • Offensive Rating
  • Point Per Shot
  • Possessions
  • Pace of Play
  • Free Throw Rate
  • Points Distribution
  • What About Averages?
  • Why We Love the Three?
  • Value of a Rebound
  • Last Season’s Stats
  • Non-Conference Stats
  • Correlation
  • Creating a Scouting Report
  • Conclusion


$99.00 $29.00

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