Using Basketball Stats to Win More Games

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This course is ideal for head coaches, assistant coaches, basketball players or fans.  With over 20 lessons, you will learn about how advanced basketball stats work, take a deeper dive into a few statistical categories and then learn how you can use statistics to make your team better and get them ready for their next opponent.  Also included are four different spreadsheets that will help you calculate the stats we talk about in the course!

Normally between the consulting knowledge and tools that are a part of the course, the value is well over $300 and our normal price is $99, but right now you can take advantage of our Back to School Special and get it for just $49!  Also, from now until November 1st, we will donate 50 meals to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund for every course purchased!  50 Meals!  You can do something great for yourself and great for others!

Check out our Introduction or our video on Effective Field Goal Percentage!

Lesson List:

  • Introduction
  • Effective Field Goal Percentage
  • True Shooting Percentage
  • Rebounding Percentage
  • Assist Percentage
  • Turnover Percentage
  • Steal Percentage
  • Block Percentage
  • Usage Percentage
  • Offensive Rating
  • Point Per Shot
  • Possessions
  • Pace of Play
  • Free Throw Rate
  • Points Distribution
  • What About Averages?
  • Why We Love the Three?
  • Value of a Rebound
  • Last Season’s Stats
  • Non-Conference Stats
  • Correlation
  • Creating a Scouting Report
  • Conclusion


$99.00 $49.00

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