StatGeek is a sports analytics company started by a former college and high school basketball coach who also has a degree in mathematics. Our current focus is on basketball but we plan on expanding to all sports in the near future.

Why StatGeek

StatGeek’s flagship product is our Ipad App that helps basketball teams keep more accurate stats using a simple interface where the user simply follows the ball.  So, you no longer need an expert statistician to keep stats.  Anyone can learn to use our app and capture more and more accurate statistics than ever before.

Coaches have better information available in a fraction of the time allowing them to focus more time on the court. Players reap the benefits of doing more on the court that may go unnoticed currently, and they get more opportunities to connect with coaches at all different levels. Families are more connected than ever before so even the busiest fans who cannot make every game can be plugged into their athletes’ lives.

For every level of athletics, StatGeek will make statistics and results more accessible helping to bring communities together with their family members and teams at the center.

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