About StatGeek

StatGeek is a sports analytics company started by a former college and high school basketball coach who also has a degree in mathematics. Our current focus is on basketball but we plan on expanding to all sports in the near future. Why StatGeek StatGeek’s flagship product is our Ipad App that helps basketball teams keep more accurate stats using a simple interface where the user simply follows the ball. So, you no longer need an expert statistician to keep stats. Anyone can learn to use our app and capture more and more accurate statistics than ever before. Coaches have better information available in a fraction of the time allowing them to focus more time on the court. Players reap the benefits of doing more on the court that may go unnoticed currently, and they get more opportunities to connect with coaches at all different levels. Families are more connected than ever before so even the busiest fans who cannot make every game can be plugged into their athletes’ lives. For every level of athletics, StatGeek will make statistics and results more accessible helping to bring communities together with their family members and teams at the center.

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Introducing Lineup

The last couple of years, we’ve worked hard with teams across the country to provide them information on their teams – advanced statistics, 5 man lineup stats, 2 and 3 man combinations and even clutch stats – next season we’re putting that power in your hands. Introducing Lineup and Lineup Plus, our new programs that […]

NCAA Women’s D3 Final Four Preview

Back in December we looked at the current top 5 to define what a ‘good’ team looked like.  Those five were Amherst, Tufts, Thomas More, St Thomas and Scranton. At the time, we examined individual efficiency numbers, overall offensive efficiency and points per possession.  Tufts, Amherst and Scranton stood out from among the five at […]

Introducing StatGeek Analytics!

We’re proud to announce the launch of a new website, StatGeekAnalytics.com.  As of today, it has current season basic and advanced stats on every NCAA basketball team, both men and women.  Soon, we’ll be adding NAIA teams as well as historic data on everyone. There’s lots of data out there but it is primarily focused […]

Fold, Call or Raise?

I love the movie Rounders with Matt Damon and Edward Norton. It’s about a poker player who is trying to avoid the perils of playing high stakes poker in law school. One of the best scenes has Matt Damon stopping by a poker game populated by judges: Watch it Here The point of the scene […]